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template based RRA (Round Robin Archive) creation


possibility to relocate rra file


possibility to parse non standard performance data string with external perl script
and pass n2rrd conform string to n2rrd


possibility to rewrite DS names


mapping service name string to single word value
e.g. System load average to load


mod_perl support works with SpeedyCGI


dynamic creation of RRA templates (e.g. dynamic template created for nagios plugin check_disk


dynamic creation of RRA archives


dynamic update of new values in RRA archives


display tool  for displaying RRD data generated by N2RRD


template based GRAPH creation


zoom in/out of graphs


searching/grouping of graphs (e.g. screenshots of SysLoadGrouping or icmpGrouping)


if more than one DS values stored, individual values can be viewed by rrd2graph.cgi


dynamic graph template creation (e.g. output of nagios plugin check_disk)


download graph images as PDF,PNG,EPS or SVG


option to n2rdd/rrd2graph for storing RRA and cache images in groups

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